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CYREN’s May 2016 Cyberthreat report

CYREN’s May 2016 Cyberthreat report offers an in-depth look at the ransomware phenomenon of the Locky virus, which first appeared in February 2016 and is responsible for shutting down thousands of personal computers and business systems. Locky’s rise, as noted by CYREN’s CTO Lior Kohavi, has been spectacular. It represented more than 76% of all malware distributed in the two months following its first appearance, including a peak 37 billion infected emails distributed on a single day in March.

The 16-page report details:

– Understanding Locky: how Locky works
– Tracking Locky: an interview with two CYREN Security Lab researchers
– Stopping Locky: best practices for preventing a corporate ransomware infection
– Q1 2016 quarterly threat data update for CYREN’s GlobalView Security Cloud


Click here to see the report.